Building Process

Building Process


Buyers of a Ron Kitchen home will find that they are aware of their investment right from the start. As soon as a potential client identifies their interest in a Ron Kitchen custom home, the education begins. And the education process is a two-way street. Ron believes that both the builder and the customer need to have a common understanding of the expectations involved in the investment of building a home. “When you get into the upper-end custom home bracket, buyers need to understand how money is spent on the project. That’s why I spend lots of time up front explaining cost analysis and establishing allowances. I let the customers make some of the major decisions to dictate the end cost,” says Ron.

Customers will meet with Ron Kitchen and the architect to design preliminary drawings and rough sketches. It is important to Ron that he understands his customers’ preferences, so he does a lot of listening during this process. Once Ron has an understanding of the square footage desired and the special features that his customer values, he works on developing the details of the plan and then explains the costs associated with the size and the special custom features for the home to his potential client. “This process must remain open and honest,” says Ron. And he delivers on that belief. Buyers of a Ron Kitchen custom home will get the facts about the cost of their home straight from Ron.

” I will share the hard costs–that is, the cost associated with each special feature–that I will put out for the subcontractors and suppliers to bid on, ” explains Ron. “Then I will show the customer what I believe is a fair profit for building the home. Once we all agree on the details, we will write the contract based on those numbers, and we will offer assistance with financing referrals and with specifications with the lot for the home,” says Ron.

Because Ron and his son, Jeff, make their building sites their office base while the project is under construction, home buyers can rest assured that their home is receiving the highest quality of attention possible.

Ron Kitchen believes in a ‘hands-on-builder” approach, and his motto supports that concept. ” I believe in going into a project with integrity, and I expect to leave that project with the same level of integrity when it is completed. My goal is to do more than what we were contracted to do, ” explains Ron. Buyers of Ron Kitchen custom homes are the best advertisers for his product. The good old-fashioned referrals and word-of-mouth approach have worked well with this custom home builder who has enjoyed great success from the positive relationships he has built with his customers.

The value of building positive relationships is not only evident through the relationships Ron enjoys with his customers, but also with the many sub-contractors and suppliers who have developed a partnership with him. “I have the utmost respect for each sub-contractor and supplier I work with. I believe that we are all on the same level, working towards the same goal: to build a quality home,” says Ron. The team approach that Ron values is overwhelmingly evident at the building site. As each person approached Ron to ask a question about their particular role in the creation of his latest masterpiece at the Parade of Homes site, it seemed that they were asking an old friend for advice.

The benefits of a Ron Kitchen home are not only aesthetic in nature, but they begin with the construction of the home. All of Ron’s homes feature R-30 2 x 6 exterior walls, 14 S.E.E.R. HVAC, cool-ply material for the roof deck, which drops attic temperature by about 40 degrees, heavy-duty insulated garage doors, and R-38 for all ceilings. The end result of these special construction features is an excellently designed energy-efficient home that allows home buyers to enjoy the extra money they will find in their pocketbooks as they save money on electrical bills.

When asked how he has accomplished great success in this competitive business, Ron had this to say: ” I have three priorities in my life: God, family and building quality custom homes. I list them in that order, because that is how they rank in my life,” explains Ron. “If you have your priorities in order, then you are able to achieve a balance and make life more fun to get up and go to work every day, ” says Ron.

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